Spring cleaning | Downsize your wardrobe

Hola mis amores, welcome to another Monday of Fashion! Last week I felt so motivated that I went on “organisation freak” mode and I went through my wardrobe haha I let you my previous post in case you have not been able to read it, it is a guide to find your style and have clear in your mind what you want and what you do not anymore. It is really important to define and analyse our style before starting getting rid of things, it makes it much easier! Anyways, if you are interested in the previous steps, I encourage you to read first my previous post. If you already know your style well, it is time to downsize your wardrobe! How to get rid of things? Go on reading!


1. Realise the mess you are

There are different methods for cleaning, so you need to try different things until you find yours. One thing I read in Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding and that I think it is really helpful is to take everything of a certain category and put it in a flat surface. That meaning not cleaning one wardrobe and after passing to another one. You should take everything, and when I say everything is from socks to scarfs passing through special dresses or everyday t-shirts. Moreover, if you have any clothes in other rooms -like for example, coats in your entrance-, take them as well.

When you do this exercise -or at least when I did it- all of a sudden you are facing a mountain of clothes and you realise that the cause behind “I have nothing to wear” is not that you do not have clothes, but that you just have a mess of styles and useless pieces.

2. Analyse and clear by category

Now that I was aware about how many useless things I had and that I had worked into my personal style, I started to make piles of tshirts, blouses, pants so that I could really see if I had something repeated by two. My surprise? I had 6 white blouses, from which I only wear 2 on a regular basis.

What you should make attention to:

  • The state of the piece of clothing.
  • The material is made of.
  • The fitting. Yes, I have tried all my clothes to really analyse how they look -and make me look-.
  • Does it go well with your style? Colours, lifestyle and fitting that you have defined (check my previous post).

3. Keep, donate, sell and trash

I was directly putting inside my wardrobe the pieces I was keeping and I made 3 piles: Any pieces that were damaged were going to the rubbish directly, I did not even think of it. From the pieces that were in a good condition, I separate the ones that are more basic and warm and I will donate them, since I think they are the useful ones. The ones that are a bit more dressed-up or trendy I will be selling them, but at a really low price, I do not look for making a profit, but for getting rid of them.

I keep those in a box and during this week I will try to take pictures and upload them to an app, which one do you recommend me to sell them? I will share everything on Instagram so make sure you follow me on there!

What I got rid of

Many socks and underwear that I will replace.

Things I had repeated in my wardrobe: I had many basics repeated, when you buy something that you already have, it is because the first one does not make you crazy. If you are buying something that you already have, do not cumulate it, replace it!

Bad materials. Especially in blouses, I put lots of attention on the material they are made, that my skin can breath and that they do not look like I slept with clothes on cause they wrinkle so easily.

Many items that I would not wear at the moment because, like everything, my style has evolved.

What I have learnt

I have learnt that actually, I know pretty well my style, the colours I love and that, in that point I have not done it that bad during this time. Now I have such an organised, colour coordinated wardrobe, in a pastel, soft and minimal monochromatic colour scheme.

I have learnt that I am a keeper. Even if I have cleared my wardrobe twice per year, I have found myself with clothes I have bought years and years ago and that I never wear. But I kept them “in case! one day I liked them, or they become trendy again, or simply because they reminded me of a moment.

I have learnt that I have made so many stupid purchases, maybe impulsive or maybe I was just too young at the time. Now I put much more attention to the fitting and the quality.

What I will not buy again

  • No wide and short pieces, especially when speaking about blouses or t-shirts
  • No acrylic or cheap materials
  • No baggy sleeveless T-shirts
  • No shiny or see-through leggings.
  • No to buying just because is cheap

And that is all for today! Have you started with yous spring cleaning? Also, if you have any suggestion of apps/sites for putting cloths into sale please leave it in the comments! Any good secret for clearing out your wardrobe?

If it is your first time here, I invite you to see other posts of Fashion and Beauty and to subscribe in order not to miss anything! If on the other hand, you are already part of this little family, THANK YOU for your time and support!

See you next Thursday for a beauty post, until then, stay in touch by Twitter or Instagram

Have a lovely day!



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